Telephones, Apps and Tools

Clevertel PBX is VoIP Telephony

Make calls comfortably over your internet connection. VoIP offers many advantages, included phone independence: Whether you’ve got a modern VoIP phone, headsets, or additional apps – with Clevertel you use the hardware and software that suits your needs.

VoIP Telephones

Clevertel is particularly comfortable with VoIP phones. With desk phones on your desks you can take full advantage of internet telephony. Tip: Many of our customers use devices from Yealink, Fanvil, Snom, Gigaset, Grandstream, and tiptel.


With a softphone you can avoid desk phones altogether. Install a softphone app on your PC and connect a headset, or use a softphone app on your mobile. Combine with the 30 day trial of Clevertel to get started making calls now.

Adapt Your Current Phones

With a VoIP adaptor (ATA adaptors), for example from Cisco, Yealink, Fanvil, Grandstream, or Obihai, you can continue using your current analogue phone with Clevertel

Get started in 5 minutes

Landline, SMS, fax, and much more – clevertel is everything in one or just what you need. Not like conventional telephony systems, with clevertel everything is online, immediate, and without complicated installations.

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