Telephone Conferences 

Clevertel Conference Room – fast, flexible, and without dial-in PIN

Conference Room for Clevertel suits not only company-internal conferences but also conferences with customers or partners. All local SA, as well as international telephone numbers on your account, can be used with the Conference Room. This way customers and colleagues abroad can participate in conferences at local call rates. Just dial the number and you’re in – participants don’t need to worry about entering the correct dial-in pin. And like all other plans with Clevertel, Conference Room is a monthly contract which can be cancelled at any time.

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Up to 25 Participants

Regardless of location. Customers and colleagues can participate in the conference at their local call rates. An audible tone acknowledges the addition of a new participant.

Pin Free Dial-In

„Please enter your 24 digit PIN code.“ Not with us! Just call the number of the Conference Room and participate immediately.

Device Independent

Whether a participant joins the conference via a conference phone, deskphone, mobile, or smartphone – everyone can participate.

Personal Offer

Let us know a little bit about your desired setup, we’re glad to advise the best plan for you and your business.


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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Clevertel PBX & VoIP. We’re here to assist with all aspects of our service including number porting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple conference rooms?

Conference Room leaves you flexible – you can add as many Conference Room plans to your account as your business requires – simply book each Conference Room individually in your account. The booked Conference Rooms can each be linked to a telephone number from your account.

Which phone numbers can I use with a Conference Room?

All phone numbers on your Clevertel account can be used for your Conference Room. It doesn’t matter if the number is a local SA telephone number or an international phone number – just add it to the Conference Room and, done!