Discover Features With

Cloud PBX

With Clevertel Cloud PBX you have access to over 35+ valuable features

Everything online

  • In-browser setup and configuration
  • No external technician necessary
  • Personalised team member accounts
  • In- and Outbox for each team member
  • Presence display (Busy Lamp Field)


  • Parallel forwarding to VoIP, landlines, or mobiles
  • Call waiting, holding, transfer, and pick up
  • Call Queues
  • Unlimited Call Recording Storage
  • Busy Lamp Field (presence) for telephony
  • IVR
  • 3 way calls
  • Scheduled forwarding
  • Each team member’s connections viewable online
  • Block unwanted calls (spam)
  • Online archive tracks calls, SMS, faxes, and billing details
  • Decentralised use of your office/extension number
  • Call directly via the web with Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Upload personalised on hold music
  • Emergency services

Conference Room 

  • No pin required to dial in
  • for up to 25 participants
  • use on any of your Clevertel numbers
  • also for use with your international numbers


  • Send web SMS with up to 460 characters
  • Set your mobile number as the sender’s number
  • Send messages in the SA and abroad
  • 45c per SMS message*


  • Individual and Group voicemails
  • Listen to voicemails via telephone or web interface
  • Forward voicemails via email as an mp3 file
  • SMS notifications
  • Record your own greeting over your telephone
  • Upload an mp3 file to use as your greeting
  • Configure everything online for each team member and group


  • Private and shared contact lists
  • Click2Dial direct from your contacts
  • Import and export your contacts
  • Import contacts from vCards

Groups / Departments

  • Personal phone numbers and extensions
  • Group specific greeting messages before forwarded calls
  • Group chat
  • Group voicemail
  • All group members can view all group information online

Phones, Apps, and Tools

  • Any standard compatible VoIP phone (SIP)
  • Wide range of telephone types available (office, home, cordless, etc)
  • Various manufacturers: Gigaset Snom, Cisco, Grandstream, etc
  • Analog phones are also usable (via an analog-VoIP adapter)
  • Optional: make and receive calls over your PC (with a softphone and headset)
  • Komplete configuration guides for numerous models in the Help Centre

Phone Numbers

  • Phone numbers available for all local area codes
  • Blocks of consecutive phone numbers available (3 or 10)
  • Port your current local SA telephone number
  • International numbers available from 30 countries
  • All numbers available for use immediately (Subjected RICA Approval)

Billing & Account

  • Cost control with Pay as You Go crediting
  • Payments via credit card and bank transfer
  • Itemised bill list for per minute calls available online
  • Receipts sent via email and downloadable from your archive

Technical Requirements

  • Broadband internet, ex: DSL, Fibre, LTE, Satellite Internet 
  • 100Kbit/s per call
  • Example: 10 concurrent calls are possible with a DSL 16,000 connection with 1 Mbit/s upload
  • No external technicians or IT teams necessary, simple configuration in the web


  • Highly available
  • Multiple data centers
  • Website secured through https
  • Parallel call forwarding to mobiles, should your internet connection be unavailable