Providing reliable and affordable Managed IT Support to businesses across South Africa

Based in Gauteng, we are experts in identifying and delivering flexible communication solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands, empowering your business to do more, faster, and with less effort and cost.

We make your complex IT needs simple, from start to finish.

From same-day technology fixes, to a complete upgrade of your entire network, our Managed IT Services provide a comprehensive, streamlined IT solution that takes care of your business’ IT needs from end to end.

Free IT Network Audit

Claim your Free IT Network Audit today to uncover security threats, network issues, cost leakages, hardware problems & backup risks in your business. We’ll also outline our recommended strategies to help solve your IT problems, once and for all!

Remove the Risks and Focus on Growing Your Business

As a growing business, you need to ensure that your data and technology are protected. You want to know that you’re using the right software and systems for your business needs, and have peace of mind that your security processes and protocols are robust enough to protect you against cyber threats—which are now a matter of if, not when.

A Long Term Solution

Engaging Clevertel as your Managed IT Service provider streamlines your current IT solutions, creating a multi-year IT strategy that supports your long-term business plan. We meet with you regularly and take accountability of your IT needs as though we were staff, managing everything from your hardware and software management, to help desk services, data backups, and cybersecurity, in one central location. It allows you to focus on your day-to-day business, while we take over the management of your entire IT footprint. 


Ensure your business runs smoothly

Managed IT services go far beyond simple tech support. At Clevertel, we provide you with ongoing, regular IT support when you need it. And by support, we mean the full scope of your IT needs. We work to understand your IT systems and review your network to ensure it’s configured in the most efficient way. We’re there to fix your issues quickly and efficiently and ensure you never suffer unnecessary downtime.


Our goal is to maximize your business’ uptime, and optimize how your business’ network, platforms, processes, and programs work together. Think of us as your one-stop IT service provider: you get a dedicated IT service team who consolidates all your IT services into one efficient relationship.

Proactively Avoid Technology Headaches

We provide proactive IT monitoring to ensure your tech headaches are kept to a minimum. Proactive monitoring means we’re able to detect errors before they occur, enabling you to avoid errors altogether, keeping your systems and processes running smoothly.


We also keep you protected against ransomware attacks by deploying regular data backups. By regularly backing up your business’ data, and building in redundancies should one backup source fail, we ensure your business’ downtime is minimised. Your information remains up-to-date and intact, and you’re able to continue operating, no matter what happens.

System Audits

It’s also your systems that could be letting you down. We audit your network architecture and ensure all your platforms and programs are current, you’ve got the latest security patches and bug fixes—and even eliminate unnecessary or outdated software and hardware altogether.