Bulk SMS. Simplified.

It is time to use the SMS platform for flawless communication with your existing and potential customers. Within a few seconds, you will be able to send tons of SMS messages all around the world. Just log in and start your success journey.

Send Bulk SMS from the Web

Get FREE access to our bulk SMS platform and start sending messages immediately

  • Easy to use web interface
  • Support for multiple lists and contacts
  • Send Messages now or schedule them for later
  • Use tags to personalize your messages
  • Prepaid account (Pay only for the messages you send)

Connect to the SMS API

Building your own apps? Connect to our SMS API to send your messages.

  • Comprehensive documentation available
  • Use your own sender IDs
  • Webhook support for delivery status etc.
  • Multi-channel ready (Whatsapp, Email etc.)
  • Authenticated and Secure

Use our platform to make your customer aware of your latest promotion. Increase your brand awareness, boost engagement, and eventually make sales with our simple platform.


We deliver phone-based SMS verification and two-factor authentication using one-time passcode. An easy way to be protected from any type of fraud and spam.


If a customer needs help, two-way SMS messaging is the simplest way to satisfy them in the shortest period of time and without any stress.


SMS reminders are the easiest way to make people remember their meetings, this method is used instead of call reminders, which makes them away from worry and stress. Write your reminder text, specify schedule and our platform will do the rest.


Do you need to reach your customer with quick alerts or notifications? Just a simple task to do with our intuitive SMS platform.

Our SMS Platform Advantages

The plugin is an easy-to-use and feature-rich cloud communication platform. It helps you unleash the mighty potential of text message marketing and gives your company the extra edge to stand out among competitors. Get started with our cutting-edge SMS platform now and experience sustainable, long-term growth with the many advantages we offer.

User-Friendly Platform

You will be surprised by how simple it is to access and manage reports, user administration, contacts, and text messaging templates in one single platform. Our SMS platform is incredibly easy to use and works smoothly on any device.

Amazing Customer Support

Let us show you what great customer service is actually like. Our team of experts is always happy to stand by your side and deliver excellent customer service. Feel free to submit your questions anytime and expect a timely answer from our support team.

Send SMS Worldwide

Reach customers with targeted SMS marketing campaigns anywhere across the globe. Experience text messaging that is not limited by any boundaries on its way to its targeted audience.

Text Message Scheduler

Deliver ideally timed mobile messages to your customers. Clearly specify the right time to send text messages to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver value-driven services at relatively affordable costs. Regardless of the size of your business and your budget, we offer a Bulk SMS price that meets the needs of your business.

Multipurpose Texting Platform

Plugin mobile messaging platform is perfect for a wide range of purposes. You can send appointment reminders, marketing offers with an all-in-one, inclusive texting platform.

Test Our Platform for Free

The plugin gives you an opportunity to use a messaging platform easily without any trouble. By trying our platform you can find out how easy it is to access and handle reports, user administration, contacts, and content samples in one SMS platform. Our platform will give you an unparalleled reach to your customers across the world.

bulk sms - bulksms

Visit our pricing page to get information about our prices for each country separately (no registration required). With the help of our platform, you can organize the right time for sending your text messages.

plugin provides an opportunity to send various types of content through a single software. You can send promotional messages, reminders, or notifications with one advanced SMS platform.

Features of Our SMS Software

Our software contains all bulk SMS features necessary to create and implement an effective marketing campaign:

Bulk Import

With this feature, you can import all your contacts with their info by uploading a CSV or an Excel file into our text message software.

Free Testing

Test our service’s performance and stability by sending single text messages to a destination of your choice for free.

Size Customization

If you have long text messages, don't worry with our system you can send more than 900 characters hassle-free

Custom Segmentation

Use this feature to divide your contact list into segments for a targeted marketing campaign.

Message Scheduling

Optimize open and click-through rates by effectively scheduling your text messaging campaign in our text messaging software.

Mass Texting

Using our service, you can send mass text messages in an instant without any additional hustle. All it takes is a simple click of the button.

Automated Birthday SMS

Send automated birthday messages to your clients and never forget to wish them a happy birthday

Easy Unsubscription

Choose an opt-out keyword that eases the process of recipients unsubscribing from your SMS campaign.

SMS Campaigns

Launch your SMS campaign and manage the whole process successfully using our SMS sender software.

API Integration

SMS API integration is the easiest way to send automated SMS directly from your platform. We have this feature built-in into our platform to make your job easier.

Ready Templates

Plugin offers you ready-made templates to use for your text messages. Head over to our Templates section to find out more.


Measure and adjust the effectiveness of your campaigns with detailed reports with few clicks.


Want to increase customer engagement through personalized marketing? Use our platform to customize content for each and every one of your clients.

Mobile Optimized

In addition to our desktop website, our portal is also accessible through mobile.